Charterhouse Heritage Park and Trail set for go-ahead

I publish a press release today which I think lays out my thinking around the scheme quite nicely. As the Cabinet Member responsible for this area of policy, I recognised right away how important this scheme could be both for the immediate local area and Coventry itself. It adds a new dimension to our tourist offer which needs some work on it. This is just one strand of that work and vision. Daily life isn’t just about work. And neither is a city and its centre. It needs to offer shops, employment and places to eat and drink yes. But it also needs a cultural offer for citizens and visitors alike. This is a new and interesting aspect of that offer.

So, here goes…

Coventry City Council is set to approve plans for the creation of the Charterhouse Heritage Park and Trail.

The Council is working in partnership with the Historic Coventry Trust on the plans, which centre around the c14th Charterhouse and Paxton’s Arboretum Cemetery in London Road. Work on the trail will also include opening up areas of the River Sherbourne to create a river side walk.

Cllr Jim O’Boyle, Coventry City Council’s Cabinet Member for Jobs and Regeneration, said:

“The creation of the Charterhouse Heritage Park and Trail will be brilliant for the city.

“Coventry has a rich history and an amazing heritage, but much of it is tucked away and largely unseen. The heritage trail will allow us to open up a green corridor connecting the city centre to the Charterhouse and helping local people and visitors to understand more about the amazing historical story that our city has to tell. The cemetery on London Road is a real hidden gem, designed by Joseph Paxton and opened in 1847 it includes a number of listed buildings.

“It will also create improved walking and cycling links in the area and encourage more people to get out and explore their area. It will also unearth our hidden river that to many has lain hidden underneath jungle of buildings and roads. If we can finally have our River Sherbourne free for all to see again after decades of invisibilty, we will have done a massive favour to the citizens of our fine city.”

The trail would include a two mile loop walk and cycle path along riverside parkland and through woodland. The first phases of the project at the Charterhouse and Cemetery have received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and designs are currently being worked up.

The Trust’s plans will be available to view by the public over the weekend of 11 and 12 September at Charterhouse as part of the Heritage Open Days event.


One thought on “Charterhouse Heritage Park and Trail set for go-ahead

  1. Well done Jim – I think this a great scheme. As I’m sure Ian harrabin has mentioned the other easy’ish bit to open up is under entire length of fairfax st! Make this a one way street and give the other carriageway over to opening up more of the river! Cheers Alan Denyer

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