Bring back the cane……for the government

I can only believe the Tory government has finally flipped its lid. This happens when they start believing their own propaganda: lies for short.

The plan to force all schools to become academies is mad and it is wrong. Mad because it will cost money schools can ill afford. Wrong because there is no guarantee it will improve standards. If schools want to become academies then that should be up to the school, parents and wider community.

But this plan will fail. Why?

Because it is based on the lie that schools are “freeing” themselves from local authority control.

I wish someone could honestly explain what this daft notion of “freeing” is all about. As a governor of a community school over many years, the main role the local authority has had has been in helping when it comes to functions the school was not necessarily set up to deal with. This was often to do with legislative requirements brought about by government diktat. Or new government standards and preparing for a government inspection by OFSTED, the government’s school inspector.

Note all these are government requirements. However, according to the government, the council are interfering!

This will not end well.

On top of this you have the Free School agenda allowing schools to be opened in areas already well served by other schools, creaming off pupils at the expense of the others. Woodlands is the first of what will be other casualties.


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