Adopt modern adoption

I note the Tory Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, wants to “revolutionise children’s social work.” Interpreted, this means increase the number of social workers, get rid of regulation and help collective working between local authorities and other interested parties. It is designed to improve all aspects of social care they say.

Whilst no one can be in any doubt as to the need to continually improve by looking at and measuring performance, I do wish the government had acted earlier. It has been known for years that social worker numbers were declining whilst at the same time often knee jerk reactions from politicians resulted in the profession being totally trashed by a high profile case. This then would lead to increasing demand on the very service they have undermined by short term measures designed to demonstrate alleged accountability.

Nevertheless, if this is a road to Damascus moment, then let me welcome it but at the same time oppose privatisation of these incredibly sensitive and public services. This work is done because children need our help and should never be opened up to let big business make huge profits out of.

Finally, I welcome further moves to modernise adoption law which will ‘explicitly state that councils and courts must prioritise the quality of reparative care the child will need in order to recover from episodes of devastating abuse and neglect, and whether the placement will last through the child’s adolescence.’

This is absolutely right and we must never let lawyers or business ride roughshod over this important principle and human right.


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