Abuse is always wrong

I see the Children’s Commissioner has highlighted how most sexual abuse is carried out by friends and family and up to 85% of it goes unreported. These are apparently shocking statistics but should they be so surprising?

I say this for the following reasons. For years, there was always a saying many will remember: “Children should be seen and not heard.” What on earth could that ever mean in a society always looking to keep up appearances?

The second reason is less obvious but important. Over the last few years we have seen countless historic investigations into all sorts of abuse mainly in so called institutions coupled with well-known celebrities charged and rightly convicted of such acts.

What this misses though is that it has been somewhat too easy to blame these institutions and the people who work in them and for the public and press to rather look down their noses at them and blame them for all the problems of abuse. The figures prove otherwise.

That has been a gross disservice to victims and survivors of this vile abuse and it really is time for those who are charged by politicians and the public to protect our children and keep them safe, to be given the credit they deserve instead of too often being vilified when some terrible abuse is uncovered, which let me be clear is always wrong. This will only lead to less people wanting to do this work and therefore more children being put at risk.

I support England’s Children’s Commissioner who said: “We must now wake up to and urgently address the most common form of child sexual abuse – that which takes place behind the front door within families or their trusted circles.”

How I agree.


3 thoughts on “Abuse is always wrong

  1. It does put people off becoming social workers, I have met many university students who thought about it and decided against it. And the service is so overstretched that things won’t improve in terms of positive reports and attracting new workers, it’s a vicious cycle. The solution is to invest money so that the social workers have the time to do a good job. So they are not overstretched with case loads and having to prioritise the least bad case out of all the bad cases each day. And to give them time to form relationships with the clients so that they can be trusted and really get to know their needs. And secure and well paid jobs. We need more of all the caring professions, and they all need more recognition.

  2. I really dispair when I hear comments like ‘ we most wake up to the reality of child abuse’ Dear god where have they been for the last fourth years not to know that most sexual and physical abuse takes place ‘ behind closed doors’?
    How can we make progress when so called experts keep ‘discovering’ and reporting on facts and information which should have kown about since, FOREVER.
    The same rubbish is talked about Female Gential mutilation. It has been a criminal offence since the mid 1980’s to undertake or seek to inflict this vicious act on young children. Why in the last two years have all the handwringing experts suddenly started ‘raising awareness’ on a crime they bloody well should always have known about and been investigating and prosecuting. What next.? will we have people ‘discovering’ that is you do,not feed babies they get sick and die?

    • It’s a fair point that you make. This whole area is very sensitive. My aim is to try to raise awareness where I can. I have written before about experts in many fields stating the obvious. I would like to move the debate on.

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