Labour in Coventry South Election 2015: a mixed and complicated story

Now the dust has settled, I thought I would give a quick local overview of the recently fought elections. In Coventry South, we had some good results which definitely bucked the trend both locally and nationally which is a testament to the hard work and organisation of the party across the constituency.

In the parliamentary election, Jim’s share of the vote actually went up from 41.8% of the vote to 41.9%. Whilst his majority was down on 2010, this can be explained by a smaller electorate this year by over 3,000 voters and a slightly lower turn out. I am sure you will all have your own explanations and theories, but I would say in the light of national results, this can only go down as a good result. A special thank you to Lindsley Harvard as Jim’s election agent who did a sterling job.

Locally, we had a mixed election. I use the percentage figures as an illustration as opposed to any definitive statement as it was a general election so we had higher turn outs with people voting for reasons they wouldn’t in a normal local election. It is noticeable how the Tories dropped in Cheylesmore and Westwood though went up in Earlsdon. Their vote in Wainbody went up 9% on 2014 but Labours percentage of the vote here held up. UKIP’S vote was down on the previous year but it is noticeable that standing in all seats as opposed to two in 2014 seemed to impact them as well as the Tories and Labour.

We again retained Binley and Willenhall with an increased share of the vote on the previous year: 2014: 44.5%. 2015: 46.6%. Well done to Ram and his team and his agent Clel. Special thanks go to John and Mal who I know worked very hard for this result.

In St. Michael’s we again increased our percentage of the overall vote. 2014: 56%. 2015: 57%. I want to personally than Jason Brannigan as my agent who as ever was uncomplaining and hard working. His expertise is something we could not do without if we are to do our very best. Special thanks go to my ward colleagues, David and Naeem. I believe we make a great team and I am blessed to have such great colleagues.

In Cheylesmore, Cllr Richard Brown won again. 2014: 40.7%. 2015: 37%. It was close but a win is a win. I know Richard really wants to consolidate his victory and he has four years to do it. He is doing all the right things to make Cheylesmore a safer seat for Labour in the future and I wish him well. Strong campaigning can make the difference and I believe will make the difference. I know Martin worked hard too here.

Consolation must go to Richard in Westwood. A national swing proved difficult to overcome in a seat which has changed immeasurably over the years making the seat, once a safe Labour seat into a classic marginal. 2014: 35%. 2015: 33%. I am sure we can win and retain the seat in the future and I am sure the constituency will do all it can to help.

Abdul Jobbar in Wainbody put up a great effort which saw him run the Tories close yet again. Together with his agent Julie, they organised a campaign which shows again that the demographic changes in the ward are starting to make Wainbody a close Labour Tory fight. 2014: 30%. 2015: 30%. Here’s to 2016!

Earlsdon again demonstrated a great Labour vote both in the local and general election. 2014: 38%. 2015: 35%. It was unfortunate that this could not translate into a victory for Alan who I know put his heart into the election. Together with his agent Myles they really put the wind up the Tories who told me on election night they thought they had lost! Let’s keep the pressure on here as it is perfectly clear, good hard working candidates can make the difference.

I’ll finish by saying again thank you to all of you who worked hard for our results.
We only really operate to our full potential when we work together as a team and I am pleased to say in Coventry South, our team is both friendly and united.

Oh, and we have some thank you leaflets on the way so watch out! Not too much rest now!


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