Honest Old Street

I welcome recent news of further development in Far Gosford Street to further enhance and improve its growing reputation as a must visit area of our city. I am also pleased to see as part of the plans a purpose built student block to house the ever growing student population in the city. Anything that will encourage students to live in this type of accommodation rather than in local terraced houses thus freeing them up for families and long term residents can only be a good thing.

I also want to pay tribute to Ian Harrabin who is the brains behind much of the redevelopment of Far Gosford Street. He has shown a willingness to listen and engage with local people in a way that many could learn from. His work on behalf of Coventry Charterhouse Preservation Trust is a case in point. Local people are fully engaged in the new life and plans of the Charterhouse through the auspices of Coventry Charterhouse Association of which I am proud to be a member.

Coventry need more people like Ian who has vision and energy and sees only solutions where too many others see only problems. With Ian on board, Coventry can travel in the right direction. Not on a skateboard though!


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