Let’s get some energy back!

With ever rising prices, is it any wonder the public are in uproar over the energy firms profiteering at their expense. The time has come to take control of the situation and let the public have their voices heard. This means a future Labour government should either nationalise or take a controlling share in these companies to help customers and not the shareholder.

I’m not harking back to the old days but thinking with a very clear head about what’s happening here. Recently, a new build nuclear plant was announced to be jointly funded by a French energy firm and Chinese investors. In other words, the French and Chinese governments will build and own this facility. On top of that, they will sell electric to customers. Why are we as a country allowing foreign governments to generate and sell energy in the UK to make huge profits for themselves? Why can’t our government do that? Haven’t we learnt the lesson of ever increasing prices with ever increasing profits going to these and other firms with no benefit to the customer or the tax payer?

Labours pledge to freeze prices is right. Now let’s go the next step on behalf of the hard pressed public wanting to do nothing more than heat their homes. In 21st century Britain, that’s not much to ask is it?


One thought on “Let’s get some energy back!

  1. You are right. The Hinckley point c situation sucks. Drives me nuts that deals on gas and Elec are twice as expensive this year vs 12 months ago when I last switched – despite overall trend for wholesale rates being down. Labour could own the narrative on all this by calling for building of (and government ownership of) Aussie -style grid embedded mega large battery storage systems. These could then buy cheap off peak regular leccy / renewables from suppliers, store it, then sell it to consumers during peak rate at a fraction of the price the ‘big 6’ do (and the rest, who aren’t much better) . This would break the cosy de facto cartel we have today – and put uk consumers interests first.

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