Violence breeds violence

As yet another war or surgical strike looms, as armchair generals are often quoted as calling it, I think again of the destruction, despair, injury and death which will follow. Nobody with an ounce of compassion can possibly let war crimes such as those committed in Syria go without comment, but is it this country’s place to yet again wade in to peace make with our own weapons of destruction? What gives us the right?

This isn’t just about lawful actions. It is far more human than that. Violence breeds violence. It is the most common of human traits repeated ad nauseum across the ages.

I can appreciate politicians from all Political parties across the world wanting to learn the lessons of past conflicts. They want to work with the United Nations to give peace a chance yet the UN appears a hopeless, toothless organisation which prevaricates and hesitates. It is therefore understandable when Prime Ministers and Presidents who feel righteous anger on behalf of their populations get frustrated and decide to go it alone.

That’s where the danger lies. The UN, for all its failings can do good and does do good. We must learn to trust and be patient. Terrible things happen in the world and will continue to. Everyone who sees those terrible pictures coming out of Syria will feel sympathy and a desperate urge to put a stop to such horror. But, might cannot be right on this occasion.


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