Is there a better way? (Quo)

Sorry for the delay in posting my latest but……it’s been all go at the Council recently. When I say go, I mean go to Torquay, go to Spain or go to France! Yes, we’re right in the middle of holiday season and the place is like a graveyard. Whilst I understand the historic link with the school holidays, it seems somewhat archaic and quite frankly inefficient to run an organisation like this in 2013. In these days of twenty four hour media and seven day working, the Local Authority arrangement is a bit behind the times.

What is obvious and has been for some time, is that the Council operates on feast or famine. What with the issue of Purdah in April and May where no decisions can be taken by Politicians for fear of them being given an unfair advantage in the upcoming polls, followed by nearly two months of summer holidays, work seems to be crowded into eight and a half months instead of twelve. This is akin to how the motor industry operated in the past, stockpiling cars in preparation for Augusts’ new registrations. Some 25% of all new cars used to be sold in 1 month which was unsustainable. It meant cars sitting on runways for months on end meaning a real deterioration in quality and the subsequent problems the industry had.

With all the cut backs because of government funding drying up, this is an area where I am sure we could make real efficiencies without the need for job losses or service reductions. Surely, a more equal split across the year with holidays, meetings and decisions taken across 12 months would generate savings. I suspect as well it would lead to better decision making with issues not as rushed or compromised because someone important or senior enough is not available. It would also give a bit more continuity from one year to the next. National government seems no better. As July dawns, London civil servants and their politicians disappear to be replaced by a swarm of tourists instead.

Business runs 12 months a year. Surely local authorities should as well?


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