Complicity of the Judiciary

Just when I thought the Judiciary had entered the 21st Century, we are hit with a missile of ignorance that should be roundly condemned. The recent reports of the trial of a 41 year old man who was convicted of abusing a 13 year old girl ended in disgraceful fashion with a barrister for the prosecution no less, accusing the girl of being predatory and the judge taking this into account whilst giving the convicted man an unduly lenient sentence as described by the Attorney General’s office.

This sort of outdated and dangerous language risks further damage to children and sends completely the wrong message to would be sex offenders who use excuses such as these to defend the indefensible. To have the courts giving credence to this is shocking.

As society opens up, we begin to find things out which previously we suspected but preferred were hidden. The damage to our children was incalculable. Today we are making progress but society often doesn’t like what it uncovers. Better this than to ignore the problem.
No child is guilty of the abuse they have suffered and the courts should never again allow such a description to be used to describe a victim.


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