NHS Munchausen!

Beware Tories bearing gifts.  What they are really bearing is their teeth!  As Jeremy Hunt does the media rounds castigating hospitals and Labour alike whilst masquerading as the saviour of the NHS on his white charger, think about what his and the Tories real motives are. Whilst no one can argue about death rates in hospitals, one has to look a little deeper and consider the wider determinants which make up often complicated data.  GP performance, lack of end of life care in the locale or delays in discharge can all skew figures and paint a false picture.  And that’s precisely what the government are doing.  But why would they do such a thing?

Simply put: so they can “cure” the NHS.  What utter hypocrisy! 

Whilst money isn’t everything, in 1997 the government spent £33bn per annum on the NHS.  When Labour left office in 2010, the annual spend was £104bn.  Not everything was perfect we know, but it was a damn sight better than the Tory days of 2 year waiting lists, patients waiting on trolleys in corridors and crumbling buildings.  Today, we do have an NHS to be proud of and one we must defend.  In 2010 in Coventry alone we had:

  • 232 more doctors than there were in 1997
  • 639 more nurses than in 1997
  • the £350 million University Hospital which improved patient care and dramatically increased the number of beds available
  • guarantees that you will see a specialist within two weeks if you were suspected of having cancer
  • Free NHS prescriptions for cancer patients
  • Brand new health centres across the City including the new City of Coventry Centre

What do you hear talked about today?  Failing NHS!  Nothing to do then with the £4bn ‘reorganisation’ of course is it?  Jeremy Hunt is doing by sleight of hand what the Tories always wanted to do.  By convincing the public that the NHS is ‘broken’, they will then come up with a miracle cure.  It’s like Munchausen by proxy but for the NHS!


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