Adopt for Coventry

I wanted to take the opportunity through my blog to ask more people to come forward and think about adopting a child from Coventry.  About 600 children are in the care of Coventry City Council because they are unable to return home to their birth parents and there is nowhere else for them to go. Whatever the reason for this, the fact remains that these children need homes and they need love which you can give them.

 The difference you can make to the children is virtually incalculable though what is clear is children who do find adoptive parents go on to do better at school and later, better at work and become well-adjusted adults who can make a huge contribution to society.  All that would be down to you.

 You can be straight, gay, or single.  You can be married or cohabiting.  You can be any religion or background.  It doesn’t matter.  Think about doing it even if you already have children.  It’s not just about childless couples! 

Anyone can adopt children if it is the right thing for them and the child.

Please give this serious consideration.  If you are interested,                       

 telephone: 024 7683 2828 


 or visit:

That’s all on this issue for now although I will return to the wider point about care and what we do for children who come into the system.  Not least of all, I want to talk about fostering.  You’ll be surprised!


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