Europe: In or out let the people decide!

As the government get their knickers in a twist about Europe and same sex marriage, it is clear that there is something pretty fundamental missing from the debate.  As a Labour Party, we seem quite keen to help the government get themselves out of the messes they and their backbenchers keep getting themselves into.  Whilst on same sex marriage our position was absolutely correct, the same cannot be said about the Europe debate.

We read all the time about how the public no longer trust politicians and political parties.  I mention this in my other articles.  Actually, it’s the other way round.  On Europe we don’t seem to be able to trust the people!  Whether you are in favour of staying in or leaving the European Union and I am in favour of staying, we must let people have their say.  It would appear the reason as a Party we don’t want to have a referendum is because we think we may lose it.  The problem is the public know that’s what we think. 

We need to call the Tories bluff and support a referendum and then get out there and argue the case to stay in.  Let’s have confidence in our ability to make the argument and let’s trust the good sense of the people.  That will help rebuild trust.


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