Same sex marriage

I have followed carefully the debate around same sex marriage and the process it has to go through in the Houses of Parliament.  Often in debates like this it is the things that are not said which are the most enlightening.  The first point to make is that if two people wish to get married and show their lifetime love and commitment to each other then they should be able to without other people interfering.  What’s it got to do with anyone else?

Secondly, various religious groups make the point that if this becomes law they will be forced to marry people within their places of worship.  Apart from the fact that the law gives protections to various religions to exclude this, doesn’t this say something about those religions that they may be worried their own followers will want to marry within them?  Clearly the religious establishments are worried that they are not in step with their own followers.

The final point to make is that the argument goes that marriage has always been as it is for millennia.  This is wrong.  Changes over the years include the introduction of non-religious civil marriages in the 1830s, allowing married women to own property in the 1880s, and outlawing rape within marriage in the 1990s.

Ps, good to see the Lords getting it right.


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